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Original Egypt-Themed Designs: Hathor

I finally added another design to my Cafe Press store, which also has a new, hopefully easier-to-remember url:


Check out my new section, Divine Designs, which features items with my Hathor design:

She looks stunning on the black tee and the tote bag.

If you buy anything, use the following code for a Halloween discount: HLWN2006

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An Egyptology Blog

I've just created a new blog on wordpress.com for the purpose of a) sharing my experiences as an Egyptology student and b) helping to provide information and resources to others who are interested in following this path. Come check it out at http://seshnedjem.wordpress.com/ .

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yesterday i bought a book called searching for nefertiti written by joanne fletcher. i bought it at barcelona's egyptian museum after wondering wich book from the shelves would fit me better and it definitely will, i think. has anybody read it? 
it looks so interesting!
Dead Kid


Miracle of miracles, they have found another untouched tomb in the Valley of the Kings (and guess which dynasty)! Since the openning has just begun, we'll have to wait to find out any details, but it looks like this could be a cache of nobles. If the newest theory holds that the lower end of the Valley was covered by flooding after the Amarna Period, how many 18th Dynasty tombs might still wait there? No more kings that I can think of, but caches of nobles? The imagination bossoms.
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I interwub from work

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I have, in the past, posted some of my icons that relate to archaeology around on various comms (not sure if on this or not). My best friend also makes such icons. We are uber geeks, and very proud of it. ^_^ We have a special place in our hearts for the Armarna period, and have made some in that vein, too.

Because of our penchant for icons, we've decided to create arch_icons, a community for icons relating to archaeology, and anthropology in general. (It also keeps us from posting them in more respectable communitites :P)

We'd love to see what you all can create! So join us!

If such announcements are not appreciated here, let me know. Thanks!
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Amarna Art - Beauty and Stylism

What I have always found so fascinating about art in the Amarna period is its seeming duality. On the one hand, you have the revolutionary stylised form seen depicting the royal family as having very odd-looking features (and in somes cases even looks a little hideous), while on the other hand it was also the age of the famous Nefertiti bust, one of the single most recognisable and beautiful works of ancient art ever known.

I must say I've always been drawn to the art of this period of Egyptian history (the Amarna period in general is my field of interest) as it is rather unique, going against the traditional conventions that preceded it. It's just so different and instantly recognisable.

But I still wonder about why there appears to be two very different art forms present in the Amarna period and why there was a switch to what might be a more realistic approach to depicting people in this period as opposed to the eye-pleasing but ultimately generic approach seen in most other Egyptian art (where everyone seems to be slim and good-looking and probably a bit far from the truth).

I'm no professional Egyptologist or art critic so please bear with me if my comments seem a little uninformed..