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Hymn to the Aten
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This is a community for those interested in Amarna Period Egypt, as well as pre- and post-Amarna events of the Eighteenth Dynasty. It is a primarily visual community, so that means pictures, icons, and artwork are all welcome as long as they pertain to the time period. Links and discussion questions are also very much appreciated!

If there is any question about what to post, check out the community interests section for some ideas.

Rules (subject to change):
1. Please be respectful of your fellow community members, including your mod.
2. No quizzes, unless they are Amarna-related.
3. Community promotion is allowed only if it is included in an Amarna-related post.
4. All images larger than 500x500 should be placed behind an lj-cut. If you don't know how to do that, then check out Livejournal's FAQ page.

Please address all suggestions, concerns, and complaints to intoxic8dmonkey

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